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Are you aware that God blesses generationally? Prophetic words, instructions and blessings are passed down from one generation to the next through prophecy. Have you ever received a prophetic word or have been given so many prophecies about your children, but didn’t know what to do with it? Did you know that prophecies are for an appointed time and season therefore essential to document it all? 

This prophetic journal tells you all you need to know about prophecies and what to do with the ones spoken about your children. It also enables you to document in chronological order every prophetic word, promises, experiences, praise reports, major events, encounters, special moments. Even the prophetic words you received or was declared over your child before conception, during pregnancy, birth, and beyond.

It also helps you create a treasured chronicle of your child’s life and a legacy to hand over when he/she becomes of age to continue documenting future prophecies. Or passed down to generations as a legacy of testimony book of God’s hand upon your child & family. Because batons are passed on from one generation to another.

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Our colourful and elegantly designed Christian self-discovery journal, is much more than just a regular everyday tool.  It contains carefully designed prompts to enable you live a more mindful life one day at a time. It enables you document those everyday miracles you are grateful for. Facilitates a daily de-cluttering of your mind, help you put your thoughts in the right perspective and motivates you to express your feelings freely in writing. If you like practical time-tested methods, structured approaches to self-reflection, then this is for you. The inspirational prompts and quotes will encourage you to set your daily, quarterly and yearly goals; achievements, desires and also help you measure practical progress in areas of improvements in your life.

Description: The journal itself is A5 size (148 x 210mm), with a luxurious soft touch cover. It’s available in Spiral bound. It contains over 282 pages of high quality 150gsm, silk paper, for writing your reflections, messages from God and your goals. 

The journal contains some handy hints and tips on how to use it, including inspiring and practical prompt questions to make your reflection/ journaling time flow naturally. 

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No woman will miscarry her young or be barren and

The number of your days, I will fulfil. 

There are so many blessings and promises relating 

to fruitfulness. This pin is a reminder of God’s promises as you expect your miracle baby or babies.

 It also gives you preferential favour/ seating as you travel on public transport. 

 This is a perfect shower gift or for any expecting mother. 

Standard: 2¼ Inch 

2 Styles Products come in square or round shape.   

Available in 5 sizes from 1.25" to 6" diameter

  • Covered with scratch and UV-resistant Mylar
  • Square buttons available too