Benefits for Mothers:

  • Discover your spiritual gifts
  • Connect with your teenager
  • Uninterrupted, quality time with your teenager
  • Unique opportunity for heart to heart conversation of how she truly feels
  • Important conversations guided by a Christian coach,
  • Tools to stop the fighting, misunderstandings and enhance a better relationship
  • An opportunity to have your daughter really listen to your heart on your hopes and dreams for her
  • Have FUN!

Benefits for Daughters:

  • Group Passport to Purity workshop
  • Discover your spiritual gifts
  • Battles of the Mind
  • An opportunity to really get to know your mom
  • And for her, to get to know you
  • New network of friendships with like minded teenagers
  • An opportunity to have your mom’s attention for the weekend
  • Have FUN!

Hosted By:

Flori Odeyemi



  • Relaxation / Dinner/ Pyjama Party/ Movie Night


  • Mother & Daughter Bonding sessions
  • Passport to Purity Activities – Group workshop
  • Sound Mind -With  Dr Tracy
  • Red Carpet Glamour Evening / Professional Mother/ Daughter portrait


  • Discover your spiritual gifts Adult & Children session

This is for you, if you want to:


In a fast paced world, our daughters are growing so much quicker than we care to admit.

Whether you have a great relationship with your daughter or a rough one, there’s a good chance you’re dealing with some teen issues on a regular basis; Some you’re simply unprepared for.

This mother-daughter retreat can help empower you with tools and answers to work with moving forward. And give you and your daughter some precious alone time to connect in a special and memorable way.

Heart To Heart :

A lot of mothers have a hard time talking to their children about several topics especially areas of sexual relationships, self awareness, responsibility, Self-esteem: these are  Serious Teen Issues, that requires addressing.

Self-worth is one of the most important conversation a parent should have with their daughters.

Most teens receive many negative messages about their worth on a daily basis. Peer pressure ride on the back of bully in most schools.  They are bombarded by images of perfect models all over media. They might be struggling with plans for college, career or godly life choices. It could be difficult for your daughter to talk to you about these things at home, which is why the intentional environment of a retreat could benefit you.

All Girl GetAway Weekend: Breaking Routine for Alone time to Break Through

Have you ever noticed that you think differently when on vacation? Something about breaking out of our everyday routines paves the way for a great deal of introspection. A retreat might just be able to do the same thing for your daughter. Escaping from the everyday stresses, even temporarily, opens up a world of opportunity.

You and your daughter will be able to talk freely without worrying about all the things that normally weigh on your minds. It’s time to grow and refresh your mother-daughter relationship through faith or tackling life goals, or, you’re simply viewing it as a way to set aside time to relax and talk, it will benefit you both. You will be able apply what you learn at home.

Parenting Workshop

Parenting is not something any of us qualified for to be one, we simply learn on the job and apply wisdom as often as required.

If you’re dealing with a teen, this is a good environment to learn from parenting practitioners and other people’s experiences. 

Super Teenager

Do you have spiritually gifted teenager and not sure how to help her discover and manage her gift?

Some children have obvious calling on their lives; and some are spiritually gifted, but a lot of parents don’t know, and are not equipped to discern what their teenager is called to do. Or how to help them get on the right path.

Helping your child channel their energy in their areas of calling might just be what you need to get them aligned with God’s plan & purpose. This weekend will help you discover the depth of your role as “mom” ; spiritual mentor / guide to your teenager. And the importance of your prayers & faith to her spiritual development.

Red Carpet Glamour Evening/

Mother Daughter Glamour Together Portrait

Time to dress up like a queen/princess and take a mother-daughter portrait for keeps. A professional photographer will be present to take your mother-daughter portrait. (Worth £100)

DATE: 20th – 22nd of October 2017

VENUE: Surrey

THEME: Passport to Purity (Heart to Heart)


£170 Per Daughter

(Child shares a room with adult)     

Cancellation charges apply, please read our terms and conditions.

Terms & Conditions

Due to the nature of our retreats, there are no refunds available when you book.

It is not possible to transfer bookings from one retreat to another as we use different venues however you can transfer/sell your space to someone else.

Godly Woman Of Substance retreat team is not responsible for finding you a replacement if you can’t make it. We are happy to help where we can by asking around but please note it is your responsibility to find a replacement if you are not able to attend the retreat.

Please be aware of this before you book.



We only have 20 spaces for this Retreat.

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