This is a community set up specifically to support christian women who have a calling as kingdom entrepreneurs,  professionals and ministry leaders in the marketplace. These are believers who have a desire to walk into their wealthy place – as proverbs 31 women, who are hungry for spiritual growth in order to make impact through their calling either in business, as professionals etc. in the marketplace and in the kingdom of God.

Through the GWOS, God is looking to raise highly influential Proverbs 31 women, kingdom-minded millionaires who are not afraid to walk in their purpose & apportioned inheritance as written in their scroll in Heaven.

Based on past experience, a lot of such women are hidden in situations such as abusive relationships, gender inequalities, soul wounds, fear of failure, fear of success, stuck in limiting beliefs, brokenness etc.

GWOS current mission is raising up an army of kingdom-minded millionaires,  daughters of zion who are empowered to prosper, inspired to arise and take steps to positively lead and impact their own lives, families, culture and spheres of influence.

We have therefore made available different programs, seminars, workshops, a leadership mentoring school and prophetic coaching to help and enhance your journey.

Who is a Godly Woman of Substance?

“She is the kingdom minded proverbs 31 woman  who focuses on her God centred dreams, vision, goals and plans. She is :

  • Spiritually Strong: Walking day-by-day in the power, presence and principles of God’s word.
  • Practically Wise: Able to manage daily affairs with ease, grace and excellence.
  • Physically Fit: Able to wake up each day feeling fabulous and fit for purpose
  • Professionally Polished: Always on the cutting edge of the latest technology tools enabling her to work less, earn more and most important: finance the kingdom and help others people!
  • Relationally Rich: Enjoying culture of honour, meaningful communication and connection with family, friends and colleagues; Understanding others…and feeling understood.
  • Mentally Sharp: Learning and growing, committed to constant personal , spiritual and professional development.
  • Financially Free: Making a life, not just a living, doing something she absolutely loves, armed with passion, purpose and walking in her inheritance.    

She is you, she is me;  She is your sister, your mother, your friend.

If you have a deep hunger to be all God has create you to be…, then you’ve just found your Tribe.

One of my favourite quotes says – “Anything the mind can conceive, the mind can achieve” – Napoleon Hill

Everything we need to accomplish a life of godliness is already packaged within us.

God gives us all the hunger, strength and determination to seek-out our life’s purpose and reach deep within ourselves, amidst the pain, trials and challenges, and find the talents, skills and expertise he placed within each of us.

Those talents, gifts, special abilities are unique to us and with patience, perseverance, faith and prayer, we gradually become equipped to reveal the best and greatest version of ourselves.

You are equipped to be become the greatest version of yourself when you polish your God given talent, gifts and special abilities.

In equipping yourself, you are in position to help, uplift, encourage and motivate others to overcome their obstacles and rise above their circumstances and step into the inheritance. The very life they desire to have.

When we continue to live a life in service to God, to humanity and ourselves, we unveil our truest selves.

We learn that this life is bigger than us and we focus on doing what we must to positively impact and influence all the souls we come in contact with.

Welcome to the godly woman of substance community!!

Abundant Blessings,

Flori Odeyemi